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Interior Design

artiradesigngroup offers an interior design service that includes all furniture and fixtures, soft furnishings, curtains, lightings, cushions and accessories.

We can help with the overall design scheme including room layouts, maximizing room functions, color schemes, mood boards and fabric selection. We undertake projects of all sizes and budgets, from a full interior to a single room.

An interior designer is no longer confined to the rich and famous. It is the must have accessory in any home or business if you want to impress your friends, or simply enjoy the benefits of an expert creating the environment of your dreams, no matter what your budget.

Whilst many of our clients are in Stockholm or its suburbs, artiradesigngroup is able to travel to any location in Scandinavia. The Artira designer will research and source appliances, furniture, lighting and finishes from any suitable suppliers - allowing the designs to be versatile yet distinctive to suit your needs and reflect your personality. In this way we can create the home or office you want looking at the project as a whole, not piece by piece which many people often do.

artiradesigngroup provides both full management of each project or just a color analysis for your home or business, allowing you to decorate at your leisure in the confidence that the end result will be perfect. A room may need updating, or arranging in a way that cheaply but effectively enhances what is already there. Should you wish us to complete the project for you with taking assistance of plumbers, electricians, decorators and builders we are able to help you by taking advantage of our wide nets of contacts. Equally a team of cooperating seamstress’s can supply all your curtains, soft furnishings and even bespoke bedding.

Interior design and interior architecture project types that artiradesigngroup provides:

Residential or home
Business, office or corporate
Hotel, restaurant and hospitality
Condominium or highrise living
Special projects such as religious, retail, healthcare, government

Services artiradesigngroup provides:

Interior design & architecture for private, corporate, commercial, hospitality, restaurant and residential projects
Space planning for tenant improvement for office design
Construction documentation for bidding and pricing
Furniture, fixture, and equipment (FF&E) specifications and procurement
Custom signage and graphics
Lighting design (Link to LED Design)
Fine art consultation

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LED Design

LED lighting is today the keyword for exposing any objects with cost-efficiency and is artiradesigngroup’s choice for lighting up its interior designs.

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” and is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices. This new lighting technology has created a tremendous possibility for contemporary interior design. Embracing the latest advanced LED Technologies and utilizing the HP LEDs, LED lighting reaches the brightest benefits of the Solid State Lighting (SSL) and participates in the world lighting revolution, as the SSL is taking over the conventional ways of lighting. SSL already dominates in commercial, residential and architectural lighting design.

artiradesigngroup’s partner in light design projects is LED Design Company in Uppsala, Sweden that is a leading importing firm, introducing this new technology of lighting to Sweden. They provide exceptional possibilities in combination of interior design projects. LED Design dedicates a lot of efforts to provide a wide range of applications for indoor and outdoor lighting systems while maintaining the performance and quality requirements. LED Design presents a broad portfolio of LED Illumination and LED turnkey system solutions to help our clients improve their product and business performance.

Being aware of the environmental protection, artiradesigngroup is dedicated to improving the quality of life while sustaining the quality of our Earth. That’s why all our lighting solutions are specifically designed for the Green World. All LED products are issued three years functional guarantee.

Benefits of using LED Lighting:

Ultimate Flexibility / Low profile / Convenient / Utility
Low Cost Lighting Effects
Extremely Low Operation Cost / Energy Efficient
Super Long Life / Zero Maintenance
Constant Current Design
120° viewing angle / Saturated & Uniform Light / No Cut-Off
Application: All Indirect Lighting, Boarder-line, Signs, Glass Decoration, Cove Lighting, etc.

Services provided by LED Design in collaboration with artiradesigngroup:

Electrical drawings
Planning and layout design
Replacing traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps
Waste management
Technical drive management

Please contact us for further discussion in regards of lighting solutions or read more at LED Design’s website.

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