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artiradesigngroup offers first class theatrical, industrial and personal photography by award-winning photographers who take picture of people, place, objects and events and artistically capture and evoke a mode, feeling or drama surrounding a particular subject.

Photography is an independent art form but usually an important instrument for developing websites, advertisings, interior design and other design dependent projects.

In order to facilitate the process of our design projects and to simplify ordering and development of a project for our clients artiradesigngroup is offering photographing service in combination with its other activities.

Areas of photographing activities:

Personal photography
If you need a portrait or full length photography from yourself being used in your personal website, printed presentation or advertising, Artira’s professional photographer can help you capturing a photo in our photo studio, your working place or in outdoor wherever your best side and professional profile can be exposed. artiradesigngroup is your cooperative partner in producing:

Personal DVD presentations (Live Curriculum Vitae)
Photos for web presentations (for instance your own website)
Images for printed marketing (like poster, flyer, etc.)

Industrial photography
Besides designing a perfect presentation of your product, our collaborating photographers will assist you to produce pictures relevant for your advertising and marketing. If you are selling a product that needs to be exposed in the best possible way or your business environment is to be presented for digital or printed marketing, then artiradesigngroup has the best solution for your photographing requirements:

Exposure of your objects or selling items for advertising
Documentation of your business environment for marketing purposes

Theatrical photography
Stage photographing of all kinds of performing productions is a great passion of our photographing artists. They have many years of experience in this area working with and photographing dancers, actors, singers while performing on stage or in a rehearsing situation. Our photographers can also assist you in producing documentary or arranged photographs on or off stage. Theatrical photographing includes:

Multimedia image productions
Documentary related pictures
Marketing material

Please contact us for letting us to know about your photographing needs and to get more information.



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